notables® is a nutritionally conscious, cost effective and socially responsible prepackaged food company.

Driven by individuals committed to school nutrition, our Mission Nutrition by Mello Smello brand has supported and stood side by side with the industry for over twenty-five years and this experience has taught us that schools are seeking innovative ways to increase meal participation while offering great-tasting, nutritious foods. Out of this understanding, notables® was born, and our first goal was to transform school breakfast.

Each notables breakfast, when paired with milk, meets the reimbursement requirements of the federal School Breakfast Program by offering two shelf-stable whole grain bread products (or a meat alternate paired with a whole grain bread) as well as a fruit component, prepackaged in a convenient grab and go pouch. Check out our convenient afterschool snacks too!

We are committed to offering only the highest quality foods, in a convenient, kid friendly manner, and we are dedicated to increasing meal participation by supporting school breakfast and after school snack programs.


26 July 2013 | by Rich


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16 May 2013 | by Rich

Our school year is nearly over…For many of us this m...
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